About Me


In 2018, I drew a line under almost a decade of success working in secondary schools, to pursue my dreams of working in web development. For almost a year, I would finish a day of educating young people and school myself in code every evening. Since leaving, I have completed a placement at Virgin Money, learned new programming languages, and taken on independent project commissions.


Front End Developer

Languages include-

  • HTML5, CSS3, SCSS (Node), Bootstrap;
  • JavaScript (up to ES8), jQuery, Babel (Node);
  • API requests using promises, JSON and XML;
  • Git (Bash), with remote repository at GitHub;
  • Currently learning PHP and WordPress.

I also use Adobe Suite on a daily basis- Photoshop for page design, image re-touching and compression; Illustrator for logos and icons (SVG).

Virgin Money

Voluntary Placement

In the context of a large corporate team, I built on my knowledge of the following-

  • Project Management (JIRA)
  • Agile Frameworks
  • Test Driven Development and Git-Flow
  • Back End Languages and Databases
  • UX and UI Principles
  • Accessibility
  • Manual and Automated Testing (Selenium)
  • Google Analytics and Trading

Kenton School


I specialised in delivering a digital curriculum within my department, specifically through Adobe Suite and DSLR photography. My list of duties can be viewed on my LinkedIn page.

In the last academic year, my results and attainment were in the top 5% of the school, and lessons were frequently ranked as ‘Outstanding’. Despite learning code, I valued the future of my students as at least equal to my own, and gave everything to ensure their success.